About author

Hello! If you are on this page, you are probably interested to know the author of this site. ;) My name is Anna and I am an ordinary traveler. I should note that I am not a historian or a scientist at all, but I like to get some knowledge of architecture, archeology, and religion in my Ukraine.

I have been traveling in my native country since 2000. I visited all regions of Ukraine, except, unfortunately, one - the Luhansk region. I visited many settlements of Ukraine - more than a thousand (about 1500 for 2021)

With each trip, I realize that I cannot have a favorite place in my country/ Because I like all of them . I like to learn, see, and feel. Although each time I have to learn not to take to heart that I have seen. Unfortunately, most of the sights in my country are in a terrible state. It is so painful for me to watch their destruction, their death. It is awful that the war has added more. Russians kill our people and ruin our cities, villages, destroy landmarks of architecture, arts, history and archeology. Russians want to ruin our heritage and crush our patrimony. You should know about it!

So I would really like my site to inspire you to travel to Ukraine, and I want my site to be a travel assistant for you.

Welcome to Ukraine! Travel through Ukraine, please! Our country is beautiful, incredible and interesting!