Dnipro region

Dnipro region has 35 monuments of national importance. Churches and monasteries, a majestic neo-Gothic church in Kamenske, an amazing cathedral in Novomoskovsk - the silent hero of the novel "Cathedral" by Oles Honchar, a fortress (ruins) in Old Kodak, fortifications of the Ukrainian Line in the village of Rudka, residential and urban architecture of the Dnipro – are among them.

The pride of the Dnipro region is the Petrikiv painting, or in the folk way “Petrikivka”. Since 2012, an object of the intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine. This painting is a Ukrainian decorative and ornamental folk painting, which was formed in the village of Petrykivka, from where the name of this artistic form of art comes. Household items with patterns in the style of Petrikov painting have been preserved since the 17th century. And now the modern masters continue the work of their ancestors.

It should be noted, the Petrikov painting was added to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2013.

The largest city of the region – Dnipro. It is a regional center. Other large cities are Krivoy Rog, Kamenskoe, Nikopol, Pavlograd.

And how many different sights of local importance! There is a rather mysterious archaeological site of local importance - near the village of Mezhyrich (means between rivers) - "Mavrinsky Maidan". There are many arboretums, gullies, wildlife sanctuaries and reserves on the territory of Dnipro region. And the mighty Dnieper River still forms those very famous rapids on its territory.

Весь перелік


Така незвична архітектурна памятка для Центральної України - прикраса Кам'янського. Окрім костелу, тут ще є на щось подивитися



У Китайгороді знаходиться унікальний ансамбль памяток архітектури національного значення – три храми.


Мавринський майдан



Величний Троїцький собор у Новомосковську - справжня перлина архітектурної спадщини України



Це місто вас приємно здивує архітектурними цікавинками, міською забудовою, сакральними пам'ятками