Church of St. Nicholas

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The villagers purchased St. Nicholas Church for their village of Nabokiv in Buda-Orlovetska. The church has been built in 1853 in Buda-Orlovetska. This practice of buying already built wooden churches was popular throughout Ukraine.

A village would sell its church and build a new one. That has happened in Buda-Orlovetska, where a brick church was built to replace the old wooden one. So, the church was dismantled and transported by ox carts to their village Nabokiv. The church was built closer to the end of the village (almost on the outskirts) at the village cemetery, and the church was consecrated in 1905 in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

There is a version that only the bottom of the old church is original. The upper parts were added later. During the years of the Soviet "Red plague" and wars, the building of the church has suffered. During the Second World War, the upper dome was burned down. Soviet anti-religionists removed the bells, organized a storage room in the building, and later a sports school was set up here. The entire interior was lost, and the paintings were painted over becouse of anti-religion propaganda. When the church was returned to the believers in the beginning of the 90s, the church was re-painted by the artist Oleksandr Baklytskyi from Horodyshche (town in Cherkasky region).

Not far from the church there is a one-storey school building, probably an old one. This building, as I understand it, no longer functions as a school

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