Donetsk region

Architectural and natural sights of Donetsk region. There are only 13 architectural monuments of national importance, among them 11 are located on the territory of the Holy Dormition Lavra. There is an unique monument of nature - "Petrified trees of Druzhkivka" has also been preserved here. These are fossilized trunks and they are 160-250 million years old! There are salt mines, where thousands of people are treated with healing air, concerts are also held there. Picturesque quarries and pits are industrial business cards of Donetsk region.

Весь перелік


Осередок православної віри (зараз УПЦ МП) на Донбасі - це Святогірська лавра. Одна з найбільших і шановних святинь Східної України.