Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This modest church is located in the centre of the village. The Church of the Intercession in Borodan was built in 1800 on the place of the old one, which was built in 1745.

There is a bit of confusion with the name of the church. On my previous website, the church was named the Resurrection Church, but now the name of the Holy Virgin is more prevalent. It is worth noting that in Pokhylevych, it is listed as the Church of the Resurrection.

The church is a wooden three-domed church on a stone foundation with a two-column portico in the western part. The building has additions to the narthex and apse.

The church belongs to the style of the early period of Ukrainian wooden architecture. The picturesque location of the church is pleasing to the eye, as well as its modesty and elegant proportions.

Lavrentiy Pokhylevych in his work "Tales of the settlements of the Kyiv province..." writes that the church has preserved, probably from the previous church, a magnificent altarpiece icon of the Holy Mother of God, which impresses with its size, antiquity, and painting. Is it still there, did it survive the terrible hard times of the Soviet struggle against everything sacred places and things? I don't know.

The church has preserved wall paintings, such as the icon of the Last Judgement in the narthex, where the Saviour sits on a throne, surrounded by Mary and John the Baptist and the apostles. The vault of the nave is decorated with an image of the Holy Trinity.

Near the church stood a very beautiful wooden bell tower with porticoes that supported the columns. Unfortunately, it has not survived. Perhaps it was dismantled.

Archive photos

Photo by Stefan Taranushenko and Pavlo Zholtovskyi from the expedition of the Kharkiv Museum of Ukrainian Art, circa 1920s. Photo from the Facebook page "Monuments of Ukraine in the Photos of the First Third of the Twentieth Century".

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