Church of St. Michael the Archangel

Unfortunately, the nineteenth-century wooden church disappeared in the flames.

In the village of Khrapachi, a wooden St. Michael's Church in the diocesan style was built in 1896. The church is five-structured, cruciform in plan, and is crowned with a dome. Its two previous churches also stood on this site. The first one was built in 1730. And it was not without reason that this place was chosen for the construction of the church: picturesque views open from here, where once there was an ancient Russian settlement destroyed by the Mogul-Tatar invasion of Sokolsv. In 1622, Khrapachi was founded on the site of the old Sokoliv.

As architect Ivan Bykov notes, the St. Michael's Church "can be imagined as a beautiful landscape, where a church stood above the river, on a high hill, as the architectural dominant of the neighborhood. The Bolsheviks demolished the church and placed a club in the building. In 1992, the village council returned the church to the community. Today the church is active, and the interior has recently been renovated. But outside, the impression of neglect remains - gray, long unpainted walls, cracked foundation, tilted cross. The stark, gray church building, devoid of roofs, is somewhat reminiscent of Viking buildings. Located on the settlement of an ancient Russian city, on the site of previous churches of the 18th and 19th centuries, St. Michael's Church in the village of Khrapachi has significant historical and cultural value and requires restoration with the restoration of the tops."

On December 25, 2023, the church was unfortunately burned down by fire. According to the press service of the State Emergency Service of the Kyiv region, the call about the fire was received at 22-19, and rescuers extinguished the fire on an area of 300 square meters at 23-50. The cause of the fire is being established by law enforcement.

Unfortunately, the author of the site did not have time to see this monument of nineteenth-century history and architecture, so below are photos from other people.

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