A church from Yazlivchyk that is no more in Yazlivchyk

The church in Yazlivchyk was built at the expense of Pavlo Holinowski and other parishioners of the Brody parish in 1936-1937, designed by engineer Stefan Zassowski.

The temple was a single-nave log structure with two compartments near the altar area and two compartments on the side of the main entrance. The wooden main altar is made in the form of a portal with Corinthian order columns, on the lower part of which is carved the name of the founder Paweł Golinowski and the date "1936" (in Polish: FUNDATOR PAWEŁ GOLINOWSKI I W R. 1936). This church is a unique example of the use of the Art Nouveau style in wooden sacred architecture. It seems that this is the only building of its kind and has no analogues in Ukraine.

After World War II, the building was used as a village store. Before the war, the Catholic community numbered 70 believers, and after the war there was no one left to take care of the building. Later, a collective farm warehouse was organized in the church :(, and then an archive.

The wooden church was not properly taken care of, which started to deteriorate. For a long time it was empty and abandoned. The worst accident occurred in 2002 when a tractor damaged the building and brought down the tent tower.

There are archival photographs by O. Hrebtiievskyi below. They must have been taken before 2010, as the church doors were closed in that year.

The building was being destroyed. The church was not listed in any registers of monuments in Ukraine. Olena Krushynska, the author of the Wooden Churches of Ukraine project, found a sponsor for the restoration of the object. In the autumn of 2009, architects and restoration specialists from Lviv Polytechnic National University inspected the building, determined the scope and nature of the work, and developed cost estimates for several stages of restoration work. Then they began repair work. At that time, activists from Poland became interested in the church and decided to save it. As a result, in 2012, the church was moved to the Shevchenkivskyi Hai skansen in Lviv.

After the church was moved to the museum, it was restored, having replacing many damaged boards. There was an exhibition of sacred sculptures that were collected from churches and Orthodox churches in Galicia in the church. After 24 February 2022, when Nazi Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, this exhibition was hidden, and temporary exhibitions were held here, mostly of an anti-war nature.


There is an almost century-old church in Yazlivchyk. It was built in 1936 on the place of the temporary chapel of St Michael, which was installed in the 1920s. Previously, шt was a wooden church built in 1744. It survived until the twentieth century, but was destroyed during the First World War.

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