Sightseeing. Цікаві місця Amazing village of Matkiv

There are two wooden churches on the banks of the Stryi River in the picturesque Carpathians. One of them was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013.

The second church is also beautiful, located in the other corner of the village. It is a little younger than the UNESCO's church

Church of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Church of St. Demetrius)

Clearly, the church of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary can be called a masterpiece of Boyko architecture school. It was built in 1838 by masters Ivan Melnykovych and Vasyl Ivanikovych

Attention is drawn to the three octagonal tops, the central one with five creases and two with four, forming a massive height. This pyramidal-step overlap with a decrease at the top is one of the stylistic features of the Boyko school. These tops are shaped like a Spruce.

The church's temple ensemble includes a wooden bell tower located not far from the church. It has three tiers, a dome crowns the top, and is square in plan. It was built by Mykhailo Veklych.

"It's a wooden, three-акфьу, three-headed building. The plan consists of three square frame: a large central one and smaller ones on the sides. Small rooms adjoin the eastern volume from the south and north. All the frames are covered with helmet-shaped tops with interceptions on pyramidal eight-sided bases with creases (the central top has five creases, the side ones - four each). The building is surrounded by roof on the brackets of the crowns. The interior space of all the frames is open in height. In the interior, the central room is connected to the narthex by a very high arched cutout. The choirs in the form of a wide gallery run along the walls of the Babynets (first room - female frame) and open into the central room."

Monuments of Urban Planning and Architecture in USSR, 1983.

Church of the Holy Trinity

The so-called cemetery church of the Holy Trinity was built in 1899 by the master Luka Snihur on the place of the old one, which was built in the 1770s. This second church has undergone some external changes in recent years. For example, in the 2000s it looked a bit abandoned, but based on the photos, it has been renovated in 10 years. I saw the temple in 2015. It has a new roof, which sparkled in the sun and blinded my eyes.

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