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Sightseeing. Цікаві місця The village of Olgopol and its attractions

Olhopol, in the Vinnytsia region, once had a different name. But the nearby town of Chechelnyk, which also has its own monuments, also managed to be Olhopol at one time. So now let's focus on the settlement that is now called Olhopol.

Sightseeing. Цікаві місця A brief historical overview

In ancient time this place was a border town between Rzeczpospolita and Budjak Horde. First known since 1780 as Rohuzka Chechelnytska/

In 1795 it was renamed Olgopol by empress of Russia - Ekaterina II in the name of her granddaughter, Olga Pavlovna. It used to be a small town, the center of Olgopol uyezd of Podolia Governorate.

Having received the status of a city in 1812, Olhopil became the centre of the county, began to develop and take on the shape of a county town.
A market was opened in Olhopol in 1831, and a pharmacy was opened for the population of the entire district in 1832. In 1837, a permanent fair began to operate

Olhopil had a big jew population in XIX c. The Jewish population in 1847 was 247; by 1897 the number had increased to 2,473.


I know almost nothing about this place. The building is guarded by a concerned local resident. It is considered that there was a financial office in Olhopol and this is the building. But, for example, local historian Dmytro Antoniuk found out that it was the house of Judge Babskyi. I am also inclined to believe that it was more of a residential estate than an official institution.

County hospital

The modern exterior of the hospital in Olgopil makes it hard to identify the more than 100-year-old building. The district hospital in Olgopol was built in 1913 and was quite large for those times, with 110 patients. In 2018, the renovation was sponsored by the agricultural company "Olgopil ".

The Jewish past of Olhopol

A rather large Jewish community lived in Olhopol, at that time it was Rohizka Chechelnytska

There were brick synagogue and two wooden prayer houses in 1851. So in 1889 there were already three synagogues. At one time, there were four heder schools and a governmental Jewish school of the first category. You can still find matzevot in the old Jewish cemetery. It is very positive news that the former cemetery is sometimes taken care of and cleaned up by activist villagers.

Sightseeing. Цікаві місця An interesting fact about Olgopol

Back in 1961, a mammoth skeleton was found in the Sloboda tract near Olhopil of Chechelnytsia district, which now stands in the Vinnytsia Regional Museum of Local Lore.

Demolition of monuments to russian poet Pushkin. Is it real in Olhopol?

The original of these lines has not been found. The poem was allegedly written by the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin when he was travelling through the town on the Tulchyn-Odesa road.

"Ah, Olgopol!
damn you!
I will remember this town.
Here I broke down in the wagon
And a hundred roubles I spent on cards..."
Although it is possible that this is a fantasy of the director of the local agricultural company Olgopol, who is an admirer of the Russian poet and financed the creation and installation of the monument. I wonder if this monument still exists in the third year of the war?

Sightseeing. Цікаві місця What else is interesting?

There is the ruins of a chapel at an old village cemetery in Olhopil. Interestingly, in Chechelnyk, the chapel was being restored.

In the early 2000s, residents of Olgopil village created an island in the middle of the reservoir. A special boat goes to this recreation area. This interesting Olgopil 's attraction was named Tuzla-2, in memory of the first territorial conflict between Russia and Ukraine in 2003 over the island of Tuzla in the Kerch Strait. Olgopil's island is much smaller than original- its area is only about 700 square meters. Docks and a house on the water adjoin the its. There are a recreation area, gazebos, a photo area, and a border post in the shade of trees of island.

You can learn more from the special report (in Ukrainian) of the Everest TV company, which tells the story of the creation of the location, its purpose, and an interesting fact, how the villagers use territory of island (not only for rest).

What interesting places can be seen near Olgopil

Nearby, it is worth visiting Chechelnyk with a lot of interesting historical and architectural monuments. to cross the road a little and visit the "White House" in Chornomin. If you are on your way to Haysyn or Tulchyn, do not forget to visit the palace in Obodivka and the remains of the estate in Kapustiany. If your choice of further route is Odesa region, then visit Balta - there are many sights there, and if you go directly to the route "Kyiv - Odesa", then you will meet a number of interesting sights in Puzhaikove, Savran, and go a little over the road to Lupolove - a water mill is like a big palace on the South Bug river. It is is a nice tourist attraction (do not forget to go around it around the perimeter!)

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