The Church of St. Nicholas

There is an ancient wooden church stands on the high granite bank of the Polissia river Uzh. The church was built in 1772 and consecrated in honor of St. Nicholas. The wooden bell tower is near the church, it was built later - in the nineteenth century.

The church is cruciform in plan, with shortened branches, and has five domes. The central log house of the church is covered with an octagonal tent on a large octagon. The branches of the cross are covered with plastic tents topped with onion-shaped tops.

The peculiarity of the composition lies in the dominant size of the central square log house with protruding corners, around which other volumes of the pyramidal silhouette are compactly arranged. In the interior, the interior space is united around the central volume.

The bell tower is wooden, square in plan, two-tiered (four on four), and crowned with a tent. The lower tier is a log house, the upper tier is a frame one. It is located to the west of the church.

The church and bell tower have the status of architectural monuments of national importance.

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