The wooden Hutsul church

Descent of the Holy Spirit Church

This large church in the village of Sokolivka was built in the Hutsul style in 1886 at the expense of the local community and consecrated in honour of the Holy Spirit.

There is a two-tiered bell tower, also built in 1886 near the church. The entrance to the church is through the first tier. The bells are on the second tier. The bell tower is crowned with three tops.

As already mentioned, the church is a type of Hutsul architecture. It is cruciform in plan - it is based on an elongated cross, a one-storeyed church with seven tops crowned with crosses. The church originally had a shingle roof, but in the 1970s the roof was covered with tin.

The church has preserved the original carved, gilded iconostasis with several rows of icons, with the royal and side gates.

The architectural ensemble consisting of the church and the bell tower is included in the State Register of National Cultural Heritage.

Attracts attention an elegant and interesting Hutsul-style building in the village Sokolivka. It was old villa. Now the outpatient clinic of general family medicine houses there.

There are also picturesque natural monuments in Sokolivka and nearby: the Sokolivskyi waterfall, which is one and a half metres high and located on the Rybnytsia River, the Dzerkalo rock and the Dzerkalny waterfall, whose highest cascade is 10 metres high, formed on a tributary of the Rybnytsia River.

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